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We're known for the designs we put on tees, but we also partner with other local businesses on designs that promote civic pride and celebrate Oakland spirit that is often imitated, but never replicated.

Over the years, we’ve worked on everything from logo design to art contests and campaigns — all sorts of projects that spread the East Bay’s renegade spirit, while supporting the people, places and hidden history that make it great. Some of our partners include Brown Sugar Kitchen, Chop Bar, Eat Real, Oakland International Airport, the Oakland Underground Film Festival, and many more amazing East Bay institutions.

Here are some examples of our work. We’re always excited to work with other independent thinkers in Oakland — so if you’ve got an idea, get in touch!

awaken blackfalcon chopbar eoba
fanfest hiero lillard lindenhiero
lungomare makewest manifesto obc
oyc oyo pcm portoakland
retroas rebuild savethebay tbh
tribune vocalrush youthradio mio