Oaklandish Holiday Gift Box Recap

Oaklandish Holiday Gift Box Recap

It’s no secret that Oaklandish loves to support nonprofits and community groups in Oakland. Each year, we partner with multiple local organizations, providing marketing assistance, financial grants, donations and screen printing services.

For the holidays, we stepped our fundraising up a notch and, for the second year running, we are donating 100% of the proceeds from the holiday gift boxes sold in our retail stores to these local nonprofits. This year, we selected four local organizations that exemplify a commitment to improving Oakland while staying true to its trailblazing spirit and history: Lotus Bloom Child and Family Services, The Hidden Genius Project, The Town Kitchen and Camp Reel Stories.

Beginning on Plaid Friday (11/25/16) and lasting all the way through the end of December, we were able to raise a total of $1,512 from all gift box sales (405 gift boxes total)! We let each customer that purchased a gift box choose the organization they wanted to contribute to, using a token voting system, and divided the total revenue generated from the promotion based on votes received. At the culmination of the gift box promotion, the vote tally was:

  • The Town Kitchen: 28%
  • The Hidden Genius Project: 24%
  • Lotus Bloom Child and Family Services: 24%
  • Camp Reel Stories : 24%

Here is a little more on each of the participating groups in this year’s Holiday Gift Box fundraiser:

Lotus Bloom Child and Family Services: Founded in 2006, Lotus Bloom is a multicultural organization that develops and provides innovative programs for inner-city children, youth and families. Operating with an all-volunteer Board of Directors and small part-time staff, Lotus Bloom’s centers serve over 400 families per year, offering early childhood programs, playgroups, literacy activities, and art programs at six different sites in four high-need neighborhoods throughout Oakland.

The Hidden Genius Project: The Hidden Genius Project provide sholistic support and technology training to under-served male youth. The Hidden Genius Project’s intensive programs, including short- and long-term catalyst programs, provide nearly two years of training and mentorship to high school students in software development and design, entrepreneurial thinking, and a variety of life and leadership skills sure to help the students long after their time with The Hidden Genius Project.

The Town Kitchen: The Town Kitchen, also the recipient of one of our 2016 Innovators Awards, was started with one goal in mind: to create a community through local food, one where low-income Oakland youths are able to shine. The Town Kitchen delivers chef-crafted lunches and employs low-income youth to serve the community. The Town Kitchen engages local youth, specifically ones with significant barriers to employment and education, and introduces them to the world of culinary arts. Kids in the program work with talented chefs and gain experience in food delivery services that allow them to thrive in the fields of business, technology, and workforce development.

Camp Reel Stories: Camp Reel Stories believes that when women and girls are better represented behind the scenes in the media, they will be better reflected on the screen. Currently, only 16% of decision-makers in the film and television industry are women. Camp Reel Stories empowers young women to value and nurture their own unique voice, create their own media, view current media critically and thoughtfully, and aspire to leadership in all aspects of their lives. Camp Reel Stories offers women of all ages an opportunity to learn how to make films and tell their stories. They do this through a combination of workshops and camps for girls and women who want to learn how to make movies in the new digital media era.

So thank you for your business, Oakland. By supporting Oaklandish, you have helped support these great nonprofits!