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August First Friday: Brittsense, Oakland Superheroes Mural Project documentaries + Heru & Hazel Rose

Oaklandish is back in the First Friday rhythm! For our August installment of the monthly series we are happy to announce two documentary screenings and two musical acts!

NYC-based Brittsense, born Brittani Sensabaugh in Oakland, CA has started her ‘222 Movement’ with the goal of documenting inner-city communities that have been forgotten and lack a voice. Through her interactions in cities such as Baltimore, Philly, Watts (LA), Oakland, Chicago, Houston, and more, Brittsense depicts the realities of those living in areas that are demonized by the media and overlooked by society at large. We are excited to showcase the mini documentary on Brittsense and look forward to the Q&A with Brittani following the screening!

In addition to the Brittsense documentary, we will be screening a short doc on the Oakland Superheroes Mural Project (OHS). The OHS project was created by Amana Harris, as a community development effort of Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC), with the aim to provide a vehicle for young people to be creative while simultaneously bringing light and love back to the community. The Oakland Superheroes Mural Project has the goal to transform six blighted underpasses into large-scale murals designed by local youth. A focal point of the group’s history and efforts include the homicide of Antonio Ramos, a muralist who was murdered while working on an OHS mural, making local and national news. They continue their work in his honor to this day.

We will also be hosting hip hop artists Heru and Hazel Rose after the conclusion of the the documentary screenings and Q&A!

Heru is a 20-year-old artist from Oakland, California. With an extensive background in performance poetry, Heru now focuses on producing and writing music. He attends the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a First Wave scholar. Currently, Heru is gearing up to release his self-produced debut EP “thesoulof” in late August or Early September. You can find his music on Soundcloud.

Hazel Rose is a versatile performing artist who combines live electronic music with raw emotional and spiritual energy. This coming First Friday she will be previoewing her new video for her single “Silly Me” directed by Bousa Concepts. Born and raised in San Francisco, her goal is to inspire with a message of social change and heartfelt expression. She teaches Mindfulness and Hip Hop in Richmond, California, and will be continuing to tour her music alongside live band Stylo and Mic Angelo through 2016. Her debut solo album “The Seed” dropped in Spring of 2015 and new Mixtape “5th Element” followed by her EP “A Lover’s War” are set to release later this year. You can find her sounds on

As per usual, our resident DJ Dion Decibels will be working the 1s and 2s.

See you on on August 5th at the downtown shop: 1444 Broadway!

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