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CITY OF DREAMS – an Oakland love retrospective

From 2000: digital slide projections celebrating folk personalities of our unsung city with 130 images from the worlds of civil liberty, science, arts, culture, sports, politics and crime. This unsanctioned public art work has been shown on the outside walls of the grand lake theater, the Oakland museum of California, the Kaiser building, and at the Oakland airport tower lounge. Images included:

1. Ohlone Indians, reed fishing boat
2. Ohlone Indians, headdresses
3. city founders: Horace Carpentier,
Edson Adams, and Andrew Moon
4. Joaquin Miller, poet of the sierras
5. Reverend Henry Durant,
UC founder and Oakland mayor
6. Firefighter Joseph Pugh
7. Dr. Charles G. Lee and Family
first licensed Chinese dentist
in California
8. Fong Yu, First Chinese Aviator
launched flight from Piedmont heights
September 21 1909
9. Shuck Yee, Inventor
fortune cookie machine, automatic peach pitter
10. Reverend Lee S. Hong, Civic Leader
Chinese Presbyterian church
11. Waku Auxiliary,
Chinese Girls Basketball Team 1925
12. Women’s Volleyball, Mosswood Park, 1905
13. Women’s Tennis Club, downtown 1905
14. Oakland High School Football Team, 1885
15. Lake Merritt Rowing Team
16. YWCA
17. Oakland Colored Persons Chorus, WPA project
18. Black Masons Convention
19. First Black Oakland Police Officers, 1943
Adrien C. Bridges and Leon S. Daniels
20. Carlos Sepulveda Morgan, home of adult blind
member of the Murietta Outlaw Horse Gangs
21. Narcotics raid at the home of Mrs. Pong Wong
27 Harrison, 1921 (her fifth conviction)
22. Bookie Ring Busted, 1958
23. Police Map of recent assaults, 1971
24. Mass Assault Case, East Oakland 1974
25. Wolf Gang Pack Convicted, 1977
26. Oakland Singer Slain, 1974
27. Foot Found in Lake, 1978
28. Guns Confiscated by Oakland Police

29. Russell Little
30. Joseph Remiro
31. Patricia Soltysik, Donald De Freeze
32. Emily and Bill Harris, Angela Atwood
33. Willie Wolfe, Nancy Ling Perry
34. Patty Hearst
35. Tanya
36. The Symbionese Liberation Army
37. FBI Wanted Poster

38. Sonny Barger, founder
Oakland Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club
39. Cisco, Zorro, Terry the Tramp, and Deacon
40. Johnny Angel
41. Zorro
42. Hell’s Angels Memorial Service

43. Oakland Raiders Fans
44. Raiders Super Bowl Ring
45. Al Davis
46. John Madden
47. Jim Otto
48. Gene Upshaw
49. Dave Delby
50. Ken Stabler
51. Jim Plunkett
52. John Motuszak
53. Vida Blue
54. Carny Langsford
55. Tim Catfish Hunter
56. Reggi Jackson
57. Rick Barry
58. Bill Russell
59. Jim Hines, Olympic gold medalist
60. Gina ‘Boom Boom’ Guidi,
middle weight world champion
61. Nellie Wong, Kitty Tsui, Merle Woo,
unbound feet three
62. Women’s Labor Rally, 1970’s
63. Woman ‘burner’ at Kaiser’s Shipyard #1
64. Gertrude Stein

65. Amy Tan
66. Ishmeal Reed
67. Jack London
68. Isadora Duncan
69. Ina Coolbrith, California’s first poet laureate
and Oakland’s first public librarian
70. Delilah L. Beasley, columnist
71. Julia Morgan, architect
72. Howard, Sidney Coe,
Pulitzer prize winning dramatist
73. Clyfford Still, abstract expressionist
74. Calvin Simmons, director & conductor
75. William Penn Mott, Jr.
creator of Children’s fairyland
76. Popo the Clown, continental ambassador of fun
77. Laomia McCoy, miss Oakland 1969
78. Booker Emery, founder
the black cowboy parade
79. Joe Smith and his mighty Wurlitzer
80. Rod Dibble at the Alley piano bar
81. VIctor J. Bergeron, “trader vic”
82. Doug Kingman, watercolor artist
83. Dream, graffiti artist
84. Bruce Lee
85. Clint Eastwood
86. Tom Hanks
87. Danny Glover
88. Mark Hamill
89. Russ Meyer
90. Dennis Richmond
91. March Fong Eu, CA secretary of state
92. Marcus Foster, superintendent of
Oakland schools
93. Ron Dellums
94. Cottrell Laurence Dellums,
brotherhood of sleeping car porters
95. Mayor Lionel Wilson and Cesar Chavez
96. Harry J. Tate Jr., labor organizer
97. Vietnam War Discussions, Lake Merritt

98. Black Panther Party, founding members
99. and 100. Bobby Hutton
101. Huey Newton
102. Bobby Seal
103. David Hillard
104. Rally at Alameda County Court House
105. “Yellow Peril Supports Black Power”
106. Black Panther Youth Program
107. Marlon Brando at Memorial for George Jackson
108. Elaine Brown
110. Erica Huggins
111. and 112. BPP Food Program
113. BPP Elementary School
114. BPP Support Rally at UC Berkeley

115. John Handy
116. Sonny Simmons
117. Pharaoh Sanders
118. Larry Graham, w/ sly and the family stone
111. Tower of Power
112. Pete Escovedo
113. Linda Tillery and Mary Watkins
114. Cool Papa, cozy den, 1983
115. Kenny, de luxe inn, 1983
116. Tommy, de luxe inn
117. The Whispers
118. The Pointer Sisters
119. En Vogue
120. Sheila E.
121. Tony! Toni! Tone!
122. Lucy Pearl
123. Hammer
124. Davy D. and Shock G.
125. Sir Too Short
124. Ant Banks
125. The Click
126. Dru Down
127. The Coup
128. Mystik Journeymen
129. Del
130. Blackalicious
Reviews: “On the rear wall of Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater, Friday night, and Saturday at the Oakland museum, a daring group of artists created a free outdoor night-time show called “City of Dreams, An Oakland Love Retrospective”. 130 black and white slides of famous and infamous moments from Oakland’s history were momentarily muralized on the wall for all to see. Images of Ron Dellums faded into ../images of Bruce Lee and John Matusak. Anyone who regularly reads this column already knows my opinion of this activity. Brilliant, and what an enormous undertaking. Now famous rappers collided with Calvin Simmons and Ohlone Indians. It was fabulous, it was very well researched and for a moment it was us. A sound track was playing and I have to admit to being too captivated to have paid it due attention. I kept imagining each of the slides as the basis for an actual mural (remember One Hundred Historical Murals of Oakland?) Excellent work”. – Dan Fontes, Artist’s Resource
“Huey Newton and Gertrude Stein are some of the better-known personalities to have called Oakland home. But anyone who hasn’t spent days in the downtown library’s History Room might be surprised to find out that the list goes on, and on, and on. Nonchalance, a small and somewhat mysterious organization dedicated to promoting their love of “original Oakland charm,” will finally bring this long-sequestered history to the public. “Oakland Love Retrospective,” a 130-image digital slide show accompanied by an original trip-hop musical score, will be projected after dark onto the walls of buildings about the city. After a handful of “guerrilla-style” rehearsals, Nonchalance’s first sanctioned tour is an experience not to be missed by history buffs or urban street art enthusiasts” -Leigh Saffold, Urban View

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