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Elhae Meet & Greet Recap

Good music. Good people. Good vibes.

Our meet and greet with Elhae was a success, with folks coming out from all over the Bay to show love to Atlanta’s finest. Rehab Online Magazine’s Evangeline did her thing curating an intimate Q & A, and had everyone feeling good on their way out, knowing they had just seen a side of the industry many don’t have the chance to experience.

With his show in the Town after his time at Oaklandish HQ, Elhae got a good taste of what Oakland has to offer, meeting both enthusiastic fans and people casually shopping on Broadway. While the “People, Places, Things” event at Parliament was a 21+ affair, he had the opportunity to meet many of his younger fans in the store and, needless to say, he made a lot of folks’ day.

The Oaklandish family wants to send a big thank you to everyone who helped organize this event and to all those who participated. From Elhae, his management and media teams, to the fine folks at Rehab as well as our own retail employees, it was a team effort all the way.

Photo credit to Luigi Bustos (see pics in slideshow above).

Find him on Instagram / Twitter at @ninjabustos, and make sure to check out his vsco journals online.

Here’s to a great Saturday!



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