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Explore Oakland x Oaklandish Photowalk Recap

Sunday came and Sunday went.

Somewhere in between having 100 photographers show up at the downtown Oaklandish retail location and wrapping up our walk at the pillars by Lake Merritt, we realized that our photowalk was beyond a success.

It started with an email and it ended up with a mile-plus photowalk, a raffle and a lot of happy campers.

The first installment of Oaklandish and Explore OAK’s photowalk was full of new faces, some serious equipment, a few coconut waters (thanks Matt from Purity Organics!) and the sounds of burst fires a plenty! While the majority of the participants were Oakland natives, the groups involved we were happy to welcome all the photography community members from all over the greater Bay Area. The energy was amazing and welcoming.

The photowalk route started at 1444 Broadway and everyone made their way to City Hall once we got the ball was rolling. After soaking up all that Frank Ogawa Plaza had to offer, the crew – lead by Brandon Ruffin and company – proceeded to work up and across Broadway towards Pandora HQ.

After using the natural light and capturing thousands of photos of all the glass on Harrison Ave, the crew kept it moving towards an unexpected stop: the Cathedral of Christ the Light on the corner of Harrison and Grand Ave. While most were happy to shoot outside of the newly constructed church, many were surprised that the gentleman working there opened the doors and allowed all participants to come in and shoot. Many of the photographers were familiar with the venue but had yet to go inside. Make sure to check the gallery for some awesome shots.

Once the unexpected pitstop came to a close, the group continued towards Lake Merritt, Children’s Fairyland and ultimately all the way around to Lakeshore and Embarcadero where the photowalk concluded at the infamous pillars.

We weren’t done yet, though. All participants had entered a free raffle earlier at the Oaklandish retail store on Broadway and it was time to give away some free stuff. Oaklandish donated four $50 gift cards – going to four very happy individuals. Next was Visit Oakland’s Oakland A’s tickets (section 123!) which went to two different pairs of participants, both equally as hyped as those getting other raffle items. Lastly, the all the folks who helped organize and promote the event raffled off a Chrome Industries photography bag.

All in all, the event was a success! To see all of the photos from the walk (besides those in the gallery) search each of the following hashtags on Instagram:




A BIG TIME shoutout goes to the following folks who contributed in various ways!

Ruff Draft

Explore Oakland

Streets Of SF


No Wrong Way SF

Feedback Nation

Visit Oakland

Oscar Was Taken

Rich Homie Hua

SB Dunks Carl

And Many, many more!


Keep you eye out for what is to come, we will be back!

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