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Grit Media x Oaklandish x therethere

Grit Media is a new Oakland-based media company that specializes in creating high-quality videos on global sports culture. In the coming weeks, both Oaklandish & our sister company, therethere, will be exclusively premiering Grit’s videos 24 hours prior to their official release.

For all tales from the Town, we will premiere them here on the Oaklandish blog. For stories from across the country, head to the therethere blog.

Today, we premiere the first of two episodes for “A Coach in the Deep East” to celebrate the launch of Grit Media’s new Youtube channel.

East Oakland, also known as the “Kill Zone”, is known for its insanely high ratings of violence and crime. Ed Washington, a new coach for Castlemont’s football team is trying to change this area and inspire students one step at a time.

Come back tomorrow morning for the next episode.

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