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June Gloom In Oakland

June Gloom, it’s when there are low-lying stratus clouds that have been formed over the ocean and then pushed inland by strong winds. It’s something that commonly happens around this time of year in San Diego and Santa Barbara. But during the first days of June 2015, the Bay Area was under a massive cloud.

But by Thursday June 4th, the sun broke out, the clouds burned off and fittingly: the Warriors won game one of the NBA Championship series. The Town’s people celebrated, and got ready for the first weekend of June, as we thought the gloom had passed us. Except, it didn’t.

That night, an NBA entertainment crew’s van was broken into, and reportedly, $40K worth of equipment was stolen.

The following day, more bad stuff happened.

While playing at Fenway Park in Boston on Friday night, Oakland A’s hitter Brett Lawrie swung and broke his bat; a portion of the broken bat flew into the stands, hit and seriously injured a young lady, according to the Boston Globe.

Back here in Oakland, during the First Friday street festival celebrations, a couple of citizens gathered to celebrate America’s second favorite pastime (next to baseball): protesting. People took to the streets in effort to defy what some believe is a heavy-handed approach to shutting down nighttime protests in the streets of Oakland by Mayor Schaaf. A group of 60 people or so met on Telegraph and 23rd st. The group half-heartedly marched, until they were stopped in their tracks at Telegraph and West Grand, where they occupied the intersection until nearly 11:30pm. It took a lot of cops, but the group was dispersed with no major happenings.

As OPD celebrated a nighttime protest with no major incidents, the next morning they were right back under a spotlight.

Early on Saturday morning, a gentleman was discovered asleep behind the wheel of a car in the middle of the street near the 580 off-ramp for the Lakeshore exit. It is reported that the unidentified man had a gun on his seat; when this was discovered the police smashed the window of the gentleman’s car. Although he didn’t fire, the police report that the guy was awakened and startled. That’s when the two OPD officers discharged their weapons: one firing a taser, the other firing a bullet. The man was taken to Highland Hospital where he later died from his wounds.

This exchange took place on the other side of the lake from where around the exact same time, Mayor Libby Schaaf was attending an OPD conference at Laney College. During the conference she said, “My number one priority is holistic community safety,” according to one reporter

Saturday proved to be a nice day, as the weather broke and the sun shined through once again. However, the metaphorical June Gloom wasn’t past us, as Sunday night the Warriors lost game two of the NBA Championship series, letting Cleveland tie the series at one game a piece. The series is far from over, as the Warriors have the opportunity to bounce back on Tuesday night in Cleveland.

As Oaklanders attempted to shake off that ugly loss from Sunday night, they awoke to a beautiful Monday morning. The start of a Bay Area-wide heatwave brought about a sunny start to the week, and hopes of dodging the gloom from the weekend past. However, the dark clouds of news remained, as reports came from the Fruitvale District of East Oakland that there was a woman who was shot while holding a baby. It’s reported that the incident happened during the wee hours of Monday morning, at a park in the Fruitvale. The baby was not injured and the mother is expected to live.

As the Bay enters into the aforementioned heatwave, hopefully we can shake off a rough weekend, and have everything in gear for the start of summer in two weeks!

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