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Oakland Eats, East: Vulcan Thai Cafe

Below the BART tracks that line the lower portion of East Oakland’s flatlands, near the warehouses and parked big rigs, there’s a small eatery with some banging ass food. The name is the Vulcan Thai Cafe, and it’s located at 915 45th Ave., just off of San Leandro Blvd.

Nestled in a small community where people have converted old storage and manufacturing buildings to live/work spaces, the Vulcan Thai Cafe is a restaurant that serves awesome curry plates and great tasting Thai Iced Tea for reasonable prices.

Thai Iced Tea

Although the aesthetic of the restaurant inside leaves something to be desired, it seems to be a non-issue, as most people prefer to sit on the patio just outside of the main entrance to the small cafe. A great choice, as it allows patrons to see some of the residents of the small community as they pass by. It’s a colorful community; we should’ve known that when we ventured past the Vulcan Thai Cafe to the park in the rear of the cul-de-sac. The park’s name? “Dog Shit Park.”

Not to mix in tales of doggie-poo and discussions of places to eat in East Oakland — we just thought it’d be cool to highlight an eatery unlike anything around it. In East Oakland, where taco trucks reigns supreme, there is a Thai restaurant where you can get a mean dish of coconut curry, a side order of brown rice and an ice cold Thai tea that will make you smile while you sip it. And the place has a Yelp review of four stars.

The Curry

This the first entry for a series on food in East Oakland. We’re calling it “Oakland, Eats East.” Stay tuned for more to come!

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