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Oaklandish: Back to School Collection

It’s that time of year!

As Summer begins to wind down and the reality of Fall approaches, school begins to come to the forefront of many families’ minds.

Here at Oaklandish, things are no different.

To celebrate the return to recess education and learning we have decided to release a handful of new products! Here is a quick look at what to expect with our ‘Back to School’ delivery – the first of several releases from our forthcoming Fall Launch.

New Caps!: We keep them coming! To celebrate the return of the school year we’re dropping two different caps. These two looks ensure that you can look your best when that bell rings!


Women’s Classic Black: A twist on a classic. Traditional fall colorways are always classic – the neutrals, the tans, the blacks, the earthones – we kept that in mind and brought something new for the ladies, the black classic.




Red & White scallop tees: Not all Fall garments need to be in those colorways, do they? We didn’t think so! Insert our scallop tees in a can’t-miss-me red and our white scallop with reflective ink! Classic x Scallop = winner!




 Men’s Emoji Tee + Tank: We received a great response from our women’s emoji tank in last season’s release so we opted to drop a similar look on a men’s tee and on some tanks!




Youth Classic Pullover Midnight: This is a back to school release, after all! So we doubled down on the season and the appropriate age range and came up with our new Youth pullover! Good look for the little ones! This is also available in toddler sizes!




Men’s Zebrawood Olive Hoody: It wouldn’t be a Fall teaser if we didn’t include some adult outerwear, now would it? Insert our Zebrawood Olive Hoody adult hoody. This is available in unisex sizing too!

As you can tell, we have something for the little ones, for those in higher schooling and for those who have finished their time in education altogether.


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