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Oaklandish OUSD T-Shirt Promo Recap

With school being all the way back in full swing, we thought it was a good time to recap our recent OUSD tee giveaway!

The promotion, our 5th annual offering a free limited-edition Oaklandish classic tee to any Oakland Unified School District high school student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, was welcomed with open arms by students all across the city.

We had great turnouts from many schools and age ranges. Here are some of the data we compiled from those who participated!

Of the 16 different schools represented, those with the highest turnout were:

  • Oakland Technical High School with 42% of the turnout
  • Oakland High School with 18% of the turnout
  • Oakland Charter High School with 10% of the turnout

Zip Codes with highest turnout:

  • 94606 (East Lake) with 22% of the turnout
  • 94602 (Dimond District) with 16% of the turnout
  • 94603 (Deep East Oakland) 10% of the turnout
  • 94601 (Fruitvale) with 9% of turn the turnout

High School teachers most often mentioned as ‘most influential’ by their students:

  • Marietta Joe – Oakland Tech
  • Ms. Haugen – Oakland Tech
  • Ms. Fong – Oakland Tech
  • Ms. Yoo – Oakland High School
  • Mr. Johnson – Skyline High School
  • Mr. Onyeador – Oakland Tech

Here are a few of our favorite submissions for “what Oakland has taught” its students:

  • “Oakland has taught me that everyone has a story to tell” – Anna Coerver – Oakland Tech
  • “Oakland has taught me that there’s beauty in a proclaimed ‘dangerous, unsuccessful city'” – Hannah Huang – Oakland High
  • “Oakland has taught me to be selfless” – Sol Rapson – Skyline High
  • “Oakland has taught me to not judge people based on their appearance” – Melody Zheng – American Indian Public High School
  • “Oakland has taught me how to vibe with people from difference cultures” – Alandra Casteneda – Oakland Unity High School
  • “Oakland has taught me to be a leader and fight for my rights – Cynthia Pinedo – Lionel Wilson College Prep
  • Oakland has taught me to learn through mistakes” – Yuliza Rios-Oregon – McClymonds High School


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