OakZINEish PREVIEW: “Or Whatever Do Whatever,” A Conversation with Kool A.D.

Our second OakZINEish feature interview is from Kool A.D., a Bay Area musician, author, and artist. Penned by Will Bundy of Wine & Bowties, Kool A.D. talks about his views on life, his career, and society:

“…Depending on how you’re counting, Victor’s (Kool A.D.) on his second, or third, or fourth act. Or whatever. Back in his mid-20’s, he had a major label deal with Williamsburg indie pop outfit Boy Crisis, before full time co-fronting Das Racist, the world-conquering trio that rapped about cheeseburgers and capitalism and made music writers worry a lot about jokes going over their heads. Since then, he’s been shaking off some creative baggage, churning out a based-level output of solo material and swearving from punk shows to art shows, from social criticism to gonzo alt lit…

…Of course, if you’ve been listening closely. It’s always been clear that Victor is a dude who thinks and cares deeply about big ideas. Language and culture. Art and commerce. Frantz Fanon and Walter Benjamin. As it turns out. That kind of wide angle curiosity makes the world a pretty big place. So if it seems like he’s shrugging things off sometimes, maybe it’s beacuse he feels like he’s just getting started.”

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*photo by Lauren Crew — laurencrew.com