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Soundtrack to a Raider’s tailgate

If you’re a regular at the Coliseum, you know all about the electrifying moment when AC/DC’s Hells Bells begins to play. But it’s not just the one song that sends shivers up our spine and sets the Autumn Wind stirring. We’ve provided a brief list of our favorite Raiders anthems. Whether you’re at the tailgate, inside the Coliseum, or in your car, these songs will make you wanna scream “RAAAAIIDERRRRS!”

AC/DC – Hells Bells

Ice Cube – Raider Nation

Luniz – I’m a Raider

Luniz – I got 5 on it

Too Short – Blow the Whistle

Lil’ Jon feat. LMFAO – Outta Your Mind

Mac Dre – Too Hard for the Fuckin Radio

E-40 – Tell Me When to Go

E-40 – Muscle Cars

Ludacris – Move B*tch

Metallica – Master of Puppets

Metallica – Sandman

Did we forget your favorite? Leave us your suggestions in the comments!

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