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Steph Curry with the Shot, Boy!

We’ve been using the wrong Drake lyrics to describe Steph Curry.

Photo via Youtube

Since Drake dropped a track titled “0-100/ The Catch Up” the words “Steph Curry with the shot, boy!” have flown out the mouths of pop-culture savvy basketball fans with ease. The line fits, but maybe isn’t the best to illustrate Steph Curry’s most recent season.
The saying originates from this bar:
“I been Steph Curry with the shot
Been cookin’ with the sauce, chef, Curry with the pot, boy.”
And again, we’ll go on record and say it’s applicable. 
RapGenius contributors have deciphered the lyrics to mean that Drake is comparing his accuracy with musical hits to that of #30 for the Warriors. We’ll buy it, Drake makes a lot of good music. Curry makes a lot of good shots. Whatever.
And this year, since Steph won the 3 pt contest during the All-Star game, he  broke his own record for threes made in a year,  and set a  new record  for most 3-pointers made in the playoffs — he obliterated the old record of 58 by making 98 3-pointers this postseason! He hit some wild-memorable shots: the two shots against Dellavedova in game 5 against Cleveland were big, but no one will forget the 3/4 court shot at the end of the 3rd quarter in game 6 against Memphis.
Steph Curry is def with the shot, boy.
It’s branded. There are shirts. People say it in real life. You know when people say stuff in real life, it makes the words stick on the tongues of Americans, until the next cool saying washes it out of our collective mouths.
The Warriors’ Center Andrew Bogut even took a photo of Steph with the Championship trophy, and you can tell by the caption that he’s familiar with Drake’s music.

Andrew Bogut’s Photo

But an even more applicable line from Aubrey, I mean “Wheelchair Jimmy,” I mean Drake, is featured later on in that track I mentioned earlier:
This year, along with getting the MVP of the league and first time All NBA nod — Steph went out and beat EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF THE ALL NBA TEAM ON HIS WAY TO BECOMING AN NBA CHAMPION!

Photo via All NBA

On March 14th, 2015 Steph Curry turned 27.  And although the Drake song in question dropped in June of last year, it’s evident that this year was Steph’s year. He is indeed Steph Curry with the shot, but he was Steph with the shot in 2014. And in 2013. Hell, he was Steph with the shot when he got Davidson to the Elite 8 round of the NCAA Championship Tourney. But what we’re saying is, one glance at the stats and anyone can assess that this 27-year-old young man is indeed only getting better. 

It all kind of makes us look forward to next October; not ’cause of Drake’s birthday, but for the return of Steph — you can call it comeback season.

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