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Tees with Purpose

We’re known for the designs we put on tees, but we also partner with other local artists, businesses, & organizations on designs that promote civic pride and celebrate Oakland spirit that is often imitated, but never replicated. Here are the some of the recent designs that were “Made in Oaklandish.”

 Pollinator Posse

Gardens can be beautiful with fragrances and colors that dazzle and amaze. But what is more beautiful than a garden alive with butterflies? And what pleases the senses more than a healthy landscape abuzz with the sound of bees excitedly bathing in pollen? These signs that the environment is healthy passed away quietly without too many people noticing.  Oakland can be clean and beautiful, but to truly “bee beautiful” it’s not the environment that must transform. It is us!

Through outreach and education, the Pollinator Posse promotes eco-friendly landscaping in our local ecosystems. Keep the Town blooming by supporting this great grassroots initiative. 10% of the proceeds from this tee goes directly to the Pollinator Posse!

For more information, check out the Pollinator Posse’s Facebook profile here.

Cat Town Cafe & Adoption Center

A non-profit rescue helping Oakland’s most vulnerable shelter cats since 2011 and operating the Cat Town Cafe since 2014.

Cat Town’s goal is to give every cat a chance to find a loving home. Through innovative programs and partnerships, they have helped over 1,100 cats, redefining what’s possible for shy, senior, and other at-risk cats who need a second chance outside of a cage. Through a unique partnership with Oakland Animal Services, Cat Town has helped reduce the euthanasia rate for cats at the Oakland shelter from 42% in 2011 to 7% today.

For more information, check out Cate Town Cafe’s website here.

Oakland Athletic League

 The Town is known for producing legends on the court: Gary Payton, Brian Shaw, Damian Lillard, Leon Powe, Antonio Davis – the list goes on and on. Here’s to preserving the rich sports culture in Oakland.

This exclusive tee was designed for the Oakland Legends Basketball Classic, which was held at Haas Pavilion, and included Oakland high schools, as well as the top high school teams from Chicago, Illinois. 10% of the proceeds from this shirt go directly to the Oakland Athletic League (OUSD).

To learn more about The OAL’s high school and middle school sports programs, click here

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