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The Raiders Forever

“When a team plays for a city, it plays for the idea of a team and the idea of a city.” – John Krich, Bump City

The Oakland Raiders will not be in the Super Bowl this year. Some combination of the Packers, Bears, Jets, and Steelers will be. The eternal journey to glory must wait until next season at the earliest, and signs are already appearing that a winning season is at hand. With Hue Jackson being named the new head coach, and ownership publicly supporting Jason Campbell the positive energy coming from Raiders HQ is more than we’ve come to expect at this point in the year since, well, 1984. So enjoy the AFC/NFC championship games this weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl in February. At this moment the most important thing is to celebrate the, “spontaneous carnival and conviviality among fans on game day,” and not, “the cynical corporate spectacle of the modern sports industry.” Raiders forever.

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