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Weekend recap: October 23-25

Hey Oakland! Happy final Monday of October (crazy, right?!?)!

Here are some things that occurred in Oakland over the weekend:

Friday morning, a raid by the FBI and OPD resulted in the arrests of a number of people in East Oakland.

Saturday, there were a number of parties and festivals, such as the Mixologi day party at New Parish and Turf Inc’s “The Purge” dance battle.

There were four shootings on Sunday; two in the morning and two at night.

And Sunday afternoon, your Oakland Raiders kicked some San Diego Charger butt. They beat the Chargers, and now through 6 games, the Raiders have as many wins this season (3) as they did all of last season.

This play by Amari Cooper: HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEKEND! (Ooops, It was a Vine. #RIPTHEVINE)

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