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Original Experiment Set

Inspiring our future scientists: buy one, give one. Purchase an Original Experiment Set and Kits Cubed will donate another to a local elementary school! We will ship you one, and give Kits Cubed the money to make another to donate! Please allow 7-10 business days for your kit to ship.

Each kit includes three experiments. These projects are designed for all K-5 scientists, but younger scientists (K-2) might need some extra help from parents.

Pop Rocket - Explore the basics of chemical reactions and the foundations of rocketry in this super fun (and a little messy) Build-Your-Own Rocket!
Kaleidoscope - The concepts of light become interactive through this homemade kaleidoscope project. Who doesn’t love kaleidoscopes?
Plant Maze - Grow your own plant and watch it find its way through a maze. Sounds like magic, but it’s just science!

Kits Cubed is the brainchild of Ahmed Muhammad, a senior at Oakland Technical High School. He fell in love with science at a young age, and during the pandemic, he founded Kits Cubed with the mission of increasing access to STEM through fun, affordable, and accessible means. The Kits Cubed has so far served hundreds of youth in our community, and aims to inspire young scientists every day.

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