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Original Experiment Set

Each Kits Cubed science kit includes ingredients and instructions for 3 super fun experiments designed to spark a life-long interest in science.

With this kit, kids can explore chemical reactions by building a pop rocket, learn about the concepts of light by making a kaleidoscope, and grow a live plant that can find its way through a maze.  

  • Ideal for students in grades K-5
  • Students K-2 might need a bit of help
  • Allow 5-7 business days for your kit to ship

We're thrilled to collaborate with Kits Cubed, a non-profit founded by Ahmed Muhammad, an exceptional Oakland Tech student on a fierce mission to get kids in his community excited about science. Read more on the Oaklandish Blog.

For every kit you buy, Oaklandish will give Kits Cubed the funds needed to donate another to a local elementary school.

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  • $28.00