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Ball Harder 2.0 Basic Tee by DOC

Ball Harder (vol. 2) By DOC

Ball Harder is a “collection of art and inspiration” through the eyes of Dustin O. Canalin. Presented as a 44-page book & apparel offering, Volume 2 is crafted in the spirit of the Golden State Warriors dynasty run. However, at the core, “Ball Harder” is symbolic of pushing oneself towards greatness.

Now more than ever, we are witnessing a shift in history. Our world is on pause, and we’ve been forced to re-examine what greatness actually means, not just on an individual level but within our homes and communities. While basketball has always been a recurring theme and metaphor in DOC’s work, “Ball Harder” is about uplifting one another towards excellence.

Each page is layered in stories of adversity and resilience, and the manner in which basketball was used as a vehicle for uplifting a teammate and community. Visit the virtual art gallery and purchase original artwork.

So as we reflect on champions for their achievements within their given sport, let’s also be champions for change & our positive contributions to the world.

Classic Fit, 100% cotton

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