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Levi's Jacket Ant Bankx - 2

Final sale, no returns or exchanges. Clean at your own risk. This is art!

ANT BANKX: Anthony Creer or Ant Bankx as he is more commonly known graduated from san jose state with a BA in graphic design. After college he's made his name not only as an up and coming streetwear designer but also as a stylist and curator. Anthony has always been inspired by vintage 90's nostalgia and considers himself an elite fashion and sneaker Enthusiast. He believes that streetwear, sneaker, and DIY culture is an living breathing art movement that is still in its early stages of affecting the world. "Streetwear and sneaker culture have done away with the old value system and hierarchies. We are not just buying and selling clothing we are investing more or less in art. As a result the cost of a product is no longer a direct correlation to value. The value and status symbols are completely with and of the culture." - Ant Bankx

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