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Levi's Jacket SB - 1

Final sale, no returns or exchanges. Clean at your own risk. This is art!

SB: My name is Said Bsisso Aka SB. Born & raised in San Francisco, Ca! Took on the art of cut & sew about 5 years ago. Most known for being the pioneer of the “Slim Girbaud” jeans! The start of those jeans got me attention from all types of stars from musicians to athletes! My style & work was something peopled tended to love & leverage too so people wanted me to create more than jus jeans for them! I’ve developed myself to become the go to celebrity stylist for the Bay Area & now sprinkling around the nation to work with more & more clients! It’s always been a quality over quantity lifestyle I represent & always make sure my clients are exclusive with one-off pieces!!

  • $200.00

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