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Roots SC Tie Dye LS

More than just a club, more than just a game. Oakland Roots Sports Club seeks to harness the magic of Oakland and the beautiful game of soccer as a force for social good. 

Whether on the pitch, in the stands or within the community, Oakland Roots will represent our one-of-a-kind city with passion, pride and commitment to all things Oakland.

Player by player. Supporter by supporter. Resident by resident. One day at a time. One game at a time. This is about Oakland first, always.


Classic fit, heavyweight 5.9 oz. 100% cotton, 5-color tie dye shirt, custom dyed for us. Preshrunk in dyeing process, please consider sizing up. Due to the custom nature of this garment, no two dye pattens are the same.

Model is 5'10" wearing a Medium.

  • $44.00

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