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Oakland is Proud Flag

Hang a flag that you can be proud of, one that supports Oakland's Community Kitchens program.

Community Kitchens is a re-purposing of Oakland’s restaurants to provide hot meals for those in need during the Covid-19 crisis. Funds raised are used to purchase low-cost meals from Oakland restaurants for donation to local non-profit relief organizations. These meals go out to meet the food needs of Oakland’s homeless, shut-in seniors, and others who are without other means to find that one meal every day. The revenue earned by restaurants is a lifeline for them as well. It allows them to retain staff and keep up with their bills while their dining rooms are shuttered. To date, Community Kitchens provided over 8,500 meals to those in need from over 30 restaurants in Oakland.

This 'Oakland is Proud' design is part of the Del Phresh collection.

3' x 5' single reverse knit polyester flag

  • $13.87