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Oakland Artist Allison “Hueman” Torneros

Oaklandish is beyond excited to bring you the Hueman x Oaklandish collection. This capsule collection of men's and women's tees reflect Hueman's signature style, with subtle nods to Oakland.

Allison “Hueman” Torneros is an Oakland-based graffiti artist, painter and illustrator. Her ‘nom de spray’ plays on the idea of color hues and the idea of non-gender-specific humanity. Also, her art literally makes her feel more human. Allison started painting during a dark period of her life and doing so made her feel alive again.

Despite the gender fluidity of her artistic moniker, Hueman is a female artist who has achieved rare renown in the typically a male-dominated street art community. A petite woman spray painting vibrant art on some of California’s most iconic buildings is undeniably badass, and Hueman’s renown has made street art much less of a boys' club.

These days, she balances her time between gallery exhibitions and public mural work while also collaborating with some of America’s top brands (plus, being a mom). Her unique blend of mural and gallery skills are becoming increasingly appreciated by an expanding global audience.  

Hueman did the cover artwork for Pink’s 2019 record, Hurts 2B Human, designed a Nike running shoe for the U.S Olympic team, and participated in a fashion collaboration with Forever 21. She was also featured on an episode of Pawn Stars and has done work for Disney, Lyft, Google, Adobe, Usher, Swizz Beats, Sony Music, CNN, and Microsoft. Her iconic outdoor murals decorate the urban landscapes in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Long Beach. One of her best-known works is a panorama in the Los Angeles Arts District commemorating community advocate Joel Bloom.

Her work is flat-out gorgeous. Her mashups of figurative forms and colorful abstractions have an ethereal quality that merge beautiful chaos with harmony and wonder. She most often begins a piece by randomly and energetically throwing paint on the canvas and only then teases out images.

Shop the collection: Oaklandish X Hueman Collection

Models @mikalaleean @yessirmichael, styled by @sharp_with_objects. Shot by @54ghosts with assistance from @imanbenet. 


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