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We are Oaklandish: Aaron Davis and his journey as a drummer

My experience coming up in Oakland, CA has been an interesting journey. I have people who love me and support me and I have people who just hate me and don’t support me at all, but I’ve been living here almost 22 years of my life and love my city.
Oakland is special because we have our own sound. Our own art and culture and what makes us unique is there’s no other city like Oakland.
My journey as a drummer: it’s a very tough journey, I started playing drums at age 2 and I’m 21 now. Why I say it’s tough because it’s all about who you know. I don’t wanna move down to LA just to get a gig I should be able to gig in my own city. Another hard part is practicing with neighbors that like to complain about my play. Especially with the low budget I have it’s really hard to find places to practice. But what I love about drumming is I get to show the world my talent.
I first started performing at Oakland First Friday back in 2015. I heard about Lake Merritt farmers’ market about a year later, someone told me I should go set up there. Back in 2016 summertime I started playing there at the lake. Across the street from the farmers’ market just drums, no amps. Yet. September of 2016 I had an incident with two racist people, a white male and female and who did not like me drumming there. One Saturday, the lady came over and handed me a sticky note of some faulty information on noise and knocked down one of my cymbals, but ever since then I still go and I enjoy playing there. Love it.

What makes me wanna keep going is watching my favorite drummers. Cj Thompson Corey Baugh Thomas Pridgen Eric Moore Devon Taylor Chris Kee Josiah Maddox Tj Pole Tony Taylor Tony Royster jr. Of course the people who are always by my side. Shout out to Jordan Davis Ronnell Smith Brittany Tatiana Rob Woods Kj Focus My bro’s The Turn up Masters PricelessDaROC SeannySeann Heaven Marina Sierra Sprague BpTheOfficial Dmac. Shout out to my family,
my grandpa who always takes me to the lake, my dad my sister. My besties, everyone. They keep me going, tell me it’s your time. Stay with god.
Oakland is diverse and Oakland is proud. We are Oaklandish is a photography project created to highlight just that. This body of portraits and stories sheds light on the different experiences, memories and opinions from the people in the city we love. Stay tuned to hear the voices of our staff, local artists, makers and anyone and everyone from The Town. 

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