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We Are Oaklandish: duck + chick

duck+chick proves kids can make a difference!

Brianna, 10 years old:
We started our company duck+chick two years ago because we wanted to raise money to help people. We wanted to make things ourselves and show other kids that they can make a difference too! 

After brainstorming, we decided to make leather bracelets and used the money to donate to an organization that provides flocks of ducks and chicks to hungry families for farming. That’s why we called our company duck+chick!  When our school was closed because of COVID-19, we learned that lots of students depend on school lunches. We made special keychains and donated to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit working to end child hunger.

We are so excited for our duck+chick x Oaklandish coaster collaboration to help some of our favorite places in Oakland! We worked with each organization on their leather coaster design. My sister and I love to make the coasters ourselves. We cut the leather, stamp the design and then package it. We’re really proud of our work and we are really excited about donating!

Ashley, 6 years old:
I like Fairyland because you can ride all the rides and watch the puppet shows.  I just like everything!

I like the Oakland Zoo because we can see all the animals like the elephants and bears. And you can pet animals in the petting zoo. I love all the animals, it’s too hard to pick a favorite!

The Chabot Space and Science Center is fun because they have a lot of games that teach you science. It’s so fun that you don’t even realize you’re learning something!

My sister has been to the Oakland Museum on a field trip and told me that they have cool pictures and paintings. I hope it opens again soon so I can see it!

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