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Our t-shirts might be the most visible aspect of Oaklandish, but our community work motivates everything we do. It’s our way of giving back to the city that gives so much to the world, and it informs every decision we make.

Our mission at Oaklandish is to spread “local love” by way of our civic pride tees and accessories, while creating quality inner city jobs for locals, and giving back to the people and places that maintain our city’s trailblazer spirit. In line with this mission, we donate a portion of proceeds to grassroots nonprofits committed to uplifting Oakland. So, wear it well. When you rock these roots, you're representing and supporting Oakland! 

In order to deepen our impact in Oakland, we have streamlined our application process for community nonprofit partners into an annual rather than a rolling one. Each year, we receive hundreds of donation requests and have donated to almost all of the nonprofits who have approached us, with the exception of political or religious organizations. 

Instead of a rolling application process throughout the year, the Oaklandish Innovator Awards application process is now the sole way for nonprofit organizations to request a partnership, sponsorship, or donation with Oaklandish. Our application process for calendar year 2018 requests is now open. The nomination window for the 2018 Innovator Awards will close at midnight, Sunday, November 6. Please nominate nonprofits by filling out this simple form. For more information on the Innovator Awards, please email us at

If you are a business and are looking to partner with Oaklandish, please email

Oakland has historically been a hotbed of renegade activity, where boundaries are redefined and trends are created rather than followed. To help encourage the continuation of this "trailblazers' legacy," Oaklandish supports artists and nonprofits who are doing pioneering work in our community. Here are the organizations you support when you spend your money with Oaklandish.

2017 Innovator Award Recipients



YOUTH ALIVE! Youth ALIVE! trains teens to lead violence prevention workshops with younger students, hiring young adults to work with youth who are hospitalized and recovering from violent injuries, urging them not to retaliate against their attackers. In the immediate aftermath of a homicide, they also provide crisis response and support for familes and friends to promote healing and to calm tensions. In addition, Youth ALIVE! advocates for sensible policies that reduce gun, gang, family, and dating violence. Through the last 20 years, Youth Alive! has trained over 900 young people in Oakland and Los Angeles to be peer educators for over 45k teens.
HACK THE HOOD Hack the Hood is an award-winning non-profit that introduces low-income youth of color to careers in tech by hiring and training them to build websites for small businesses in their own communities. During 6-week “bootcamps,” young people gain valuable hands-on experience, build a portfolio, and learn about opportunities in the tech industry, as well as build critical technical, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills with mentorship from staff and tech professionals working in the field. Their approach involves 21st century technical & professional skills training, real world hands-on learning, culturally relevant instruction and a peer community as well as career coaching and mentoring.
BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF OAKLAND The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland has a simple mission: to develop the community’s youth into positive contributors to society. Started in 1941, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland has been committed to providing support and guidance to youth of all backgrounds, particularly those coming from disadvantaged circumstances. Each year, Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland serves over 2,500 kids, ages 6-17, by giving them a safe place to learn, grow, and prosper, through ongoing relationships with caring adult role models. Although it is rewarding work, taking care of the community does not come on the cheap. It costs roughly $850 per child per year to make it all happen. And since their future goal is to reach a minimum of 5,000 kids – which would make up 10% of the Oakland Public School District’s enrollment, we decided to step in and lend a helping hand.
LEVEL PLAYING FIELD INSTITUTE Level Playing Field Institute is committed to eliminating the barriers faced by underrepresented people of color in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and fostering their untapped talent for the advancement of our nation. Level Playing Field Institute envisions a world where a true level playing field exists – a world where everyone has equitable access to opportunities, including the historically disenfranchised. They envision a world where disparities in resources, high-quality teachers, rigorous courses, and technology would not exist. Where all students, regardless of race/ethnicity, economic background, parent education level, or neighborhood would be provided with opportunities to excel academically, access rigorous courses, and be prepared to apply to, and graduate from, top colleges and universities across the United States. As a result, our communities and workplaces would benefit from well-prepared, competitive leaders representing broad perspectives and sectors of society.

For the list of past innovators, CLICK HERE


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